Minutemen at Maxwell's (10-27-1985)


On October 27th, 1985, the Minutemen played at Maxwell’s! Hailing from the working class town of San Pedro, California, the trio consisting of D. Boon, Mike Watt, and George Hurley formed in 1980 after the dissolution of The Reactionaries.  The band would go on to release four full lengths and a number of EPs on Los Angeles’ SST Records, including their double album magnum opus, Double Nickels On The Dime.

Though the band was associated with the underground punk and hardcore scenes in the 1980s, the Minutemen incorporated a wide variety of stylistic influences into their music, including funk, jazz, and blues.  In popular culture, the group is most widely recognizable for their song “Corona,” which served as the theme song for the popular MTV show Jackass.

Tragically, guitarist D. Boon passed away in a car accident on December 22nd, 1985, less than two months after this show.  The end of this tape contains a short radio segment (on WFMU, I believe) announcing his passing.