Babes In Toyland at Maxwell's (06-25-1992)


On June 25th, 1992, Babes In Toyland played at Maxwell’s! In 1992, Maureen Herman replaced original bassist Michelle Leon and the band signed with Reprise Records for their second studio album, Fontanelle.  The album was recorded in Cannon Falls, Minnesota and in New York City, and featured production from Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo. The record sold over 250,000 copies in the United States alone and includes the raucous single, “Bruise Violet.”


Rollins Band at City Gardens (06-21-1987)


On June 21st, 1987, Rollins Band played at City Gardens! The band played a rousing set that included many tracks from the band’s 1987 debut album, "Life Time.” At the end of the tape, you can also hear Henry Rollins’ message machine, which included pertinent information about the band. This message detailed the band’s upcoming European tour, which included dates in Switzerland with Swans. Rollins also mentioned that the band would be recording in the U.K. while in Europe. These recordings were later released as the band’s next EP, “Do It,” later in 1987.


Captain America at CBGB's (06-20-1992)


On June 20th, 1992, Captain America played at CBGB’s! The Glasgow-based band was formed in 1990 by Eugene Kelly following the dissolution of his former band, The Vaselines. Inspired by the early work of Teenage Fanclub, Kelly recruited Gordon Keen on guitar, James Seenan on bass, and Andy Bollen on drums to form the first lineup of Captain America. As Kurt Cobain was a big fan of Kelly's work with The Vaselines, he invited Captain American to open for Nirvana on their 1991 European tour.

In November 1991, the band released their first EP EP on Paperhouse Records. In early 1992, they released their second EP, “Flame On.” The band were forced to change their name to Eugenius due to legal threats from Marvel Comics, who owned the legal rights to the name "Captain America". Around the time of this gig, the band also attracted the attention of Atlantic records, who released their first full-length “Oomalama” in November of 1992.


Screaming Trees at Trocadero (06-12-1996)


On June 13th, 1996, Screaming Trees played at the Trocadero in Philadelphia! Screaming Trees emerged out Seattle in the late 1980s amongst fellow grunge pioneers Mudhoney, The Melvins, Soundgarden, and Green River, releasing their first four albums on SST Records before jumping to major label Epic Records in the 1990s.

In 1996, the band released their final studio album, “Dust.”  Following this tour, the band went on hiatus for frontman Mark Lanegan to begin work on his third solo album, “Scraps At Midnight,” which was released in 1998. Thereafter, the band recorded a few demos in 1999 for their next studio album.  However, the band ultimately disbanded in 2000.


Cows at CBGB's (06-08-1996)


On June 8th, 1996, Cows played at CBGB’s! Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cows were a post-hardcore/noise rock band known for their infamously raucous live performances. After forming in 1987, the band released a whopping nine studio albums before disbanding in 1998. Right around the time of this show, the band released their penultimate LP, Whorn. In an attempt to capture their notorious live performances, Cows recorded the entire album in a “live sound” style, playing together as a whole band instead of recording their parts individually. After breaking up in 1998, front-person Shannon Selberg went on to front The Heroine Sheiks.


Die Kreuzen at Maxwell's (06-03-1988)


On June 3rd, 1988, Die Kreuzen played at Maxwell’s! The Milwaukee band was touring in support of their third studio album, "Century Days.” which was released in July of 1988 on Touch and Go Records. After working with Corey Rusk on their first two full lengths, the band hired Butch Vig to produced “Century Days.” He’d also produce their next EP, “Gone Away,” and their final LP, “Cement.”


Feelies Film For Japanese T.V. Documentary (06-02-1986)

On June 2nd, 1986, a Japanese television crew filmed a live performance of The Feelies at Maxwell's. Unfortunately, the VHS was quite moldy, so the video quality is poor. However, I wanted to digitize it in its current state before I made any attempt to clean it. The documentary includes film of the band performing, but also shots of the crowd and other random stuff, like the exterior of Maxwell's and the interior of the front room. It also includes interviews with owner Steve Fallon and the band!


Lunachicks at CBGB's (05-25-1990)


On May 25th, 1990, Lunachicks played at CBGB’s! This New York City punk rock band originally formed in 1988, when Theo Kogan Gina Volpe, and Sydney "Squid" Silver were students at New York City's Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. The group gained the attention of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth after seeing the band perform. Through their efforts, the band landed them a deal on Blast First. The group released their debut full length, Babysitter on Acid, in 1990. The band would go on to release another five LPs before disbanding in 2000.


Rollins Band at Maxwell's (05-03-1987)


On May 3rd, 1988, Rollins Band played at Maxwell’s! Shortly after the breakup of Black Flag in 1986, Henry Rollins began formed Rollins Band with guitarist Chris Haskett, bassist Andrew Weiss, and drummer Sim Cain. Live sound engineer Theo Van Rock was also usually credited as a band member. The band released their first album, Life Time, in 1987. This tape also includes what appears to be a sound check, but it’s at the end of the tape!


Jim Carroll at The Bottom Line (04-29-1985)


On April 29th, 1985, Jim Carroll performed at The Bottom Line! Jim Carroll wore many hats throughout his career, but he is best known for his 1978 autobiographical work The Basketball Diaries and for his poetry. On this night at the Bottom Line, Carroll read a series of original poems. The Bottom Line was a major performance space in the Greenwich Village from 1974 until its closing in 2004. It hosted performances from Eric Clapton, Carl Perkins, Linda Ronstadt, The Police, Prince, Pat Benatar, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Van Morrison, The Stone Poneys, Chuck Mangione, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, Barry Manilow, Dire Straits, Grayson Hugh, Dolly Parton, George Jones, The Pointer Sisters, Ravi Shankar, Ramones, The Brecker Brothers, Gato Barbieri, and Miles Davis. Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen performed at The Bottom Line on many occasions. Lou Reed recorded his live album, Take No Prisoners , in May 1978 at The Bottom Line.


D Generation at Coney Island High (04-24-1999)


On this day 20 years ago, D-Generation played at Coney Island High. This was the band’s final performance before reuniting over a decade later in 2011. In February 1999, the band released their third studio album, Through The Darkness, which was produced by Tony Visconti.

Thanks, Jack Silbert for noting that singer Jesse Malin owed the club, and unfortunately, Coney Island High closed a few months later due to financial issues.

Subsequent to the band’s first breakup in 1999, frontman Jesse Marlin and Joe Rizzo formed the band PCP Highway with guitarist Esko Poldvere. The band recorded a number of demo tracks and toured the east coast of the United States in the early aughts.


Firehose at Maxwell's (04-20-1989)


On April 20th, 1989, Firehose played at Maxwell’s! Last year, The Mckenzie Tapes shared Firehose’s late set from this date in 1989, and now we’re pleased to share the early set! Mike Watt dedicated the set to Bob Mould. Later in 1989, Firehose would release their third album, Fromohio.

Set list (courtesy of Jerry Schumacher):

  1. Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets {…into},

  2. It Matters, 3.

  3. Operation Solitaire

  4. Time With You,

  5. Whisperin' While Hollerin',

  6. Backroads

  7. Chemical Wire,

  8. For The Singer Of R.E.M

  9. Riddle Of The Eighties

  10. Honey, Please,

  11. In My Mind

  12. From One Cums One

  13. Some Things

  14. If'n,

  15. Me & You, Remembering


Gone + Painted Willie at Maxwell's (04-10-1986)


On April 10th, 1986, Gone and Painted Willie played at Maxwell’s! Greg Ginn originally formed Gone as a Black Flag side project in late 1985 with bassist Andrew Weiss and drummer Sim Cain. The trio released their first album, Let's Get Real, Real Gone For A Change, in 1986 on Ginn's SST Records label and embarked on a six-month tour opening for Black Flag. At the time, Ginn was still playing with Black Flag. On a typical day during the tour, Gone would perform one set at an in-store appearance, then go down to the venue where Black Flag were headlining, set up, and open the show. Ginn's only break in the evening would be when the second opening band, Painted Willie, performed.

Richard Lloyd at Maxwell's (02-29-1987)


Whoa! As it turns out, 1987 was a leap year! On the leap day of February 29th, Richard Lloyd played at Maxwell’s! Lloyd, who was originally a guitar player in the seminal New York City proto-punk band Television, began a solo career in 1978 after the first dissolution of Television. He went on to release two solo albums prior to this gig, Alchemy in 1979 and Field of Fire in 1985. In 1987, Lloyd released his third solo album, Real Time! Enjoy this very excellent sound Maxwell’s tape!

Fields of the Nephilim at Cat Club (02-23-1986)


On February 23rd, 1986, Fields of the Nephlim played at the Cat Club! The goth-rock groujp formed a mere two years prior to this performance in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. The band's name refers to a Biblical race of giants or angel-human hybrids, known as the Nephilim. This is the third tape in the Mckenzie Tape collection that documents a performance at the legendary Cat Club. These gigs took place shortly after this performance by Field of Nephilim - Hoboken’s The Bongos played at the club in May 1986 and Big Black performance there in August of 1987.

The Lyres at Folk City (02-19-1986)


On February 19th, 1986, The Lyres played at Folk City! In 1986, the Boston-area garage rock band released their second album, Lyres Lyres, on Ace of Hearts. Led by Jeff Conolly, the band remained active throughout the 1980s. Folk City was a legendary venue in Manhattan’s West Village, hosting many great acts during the 1980s, including Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, the Replacements, 10,000 Maniacs, and many others!

Johnny Thunders at Irving Plaza (02-15-1986)


On February 15th, 1986, Johnny Thunders played at Irving Plaza! In 1985, the former member of the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers released Que Sera Sera, a collection of new songs with his then band The Black Cats, and "Crawfish", a duet with former Snatch vocalist Patti Palladin. According to my research, this tour was originally scheduled for late 1985, but was rescheduled to start on February 13th, 1986 in Philadelphia. I haven’t listened to the tape the whole way through yet, but Thunders is apparently joined by James Brown's horn section towards the end of the show.


Set list:

  1. Blame It On Mom

  2. M.I.A.

  3. Little Bit Of Whore

  4. Too Much Junkie Bizness

  5. I Can Tell

  6. Personality Crisis

  7. 14th St. Beat

  8. Joey Joey

  9. I Only Wrote This Song For You

  10. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

  11. Cool Operator

  12. Bright Lights Big City

  13. Gloria

  14. Help Me

  15. Help Me (Conclusion)

  16. Give Her A Great Big Kiss

  17. In The Midnight Hour

  18. Don't You Just Know It

  19. Don't Mess With Cupid

  20. Stepping Stone

  21. Pipeline

  22. Hoochie Coochie Man