Foo Fighters at The Academy (08-13-1995)


On August 13th, 1995, Foo Fighters played at The Academy in New York City. Although the band currently enjoys worldwide recognition and tremendous success, Foo Fighters originated as Dave Grohl's side project while touring with Nirvana.  In 1994, Grohl recorded 15 songs, 12 of which appear on the band's debut self-title album, which was released in July 1995. Foo Fighters embarked on their first major tour in the spring of 1995, opening for Mike Watt.  At this stop on the tour, the band played tons of classics from their first record, including "I'll Stick Around," "For All The Cows," "This Is A Call," and "Alone + Easy Target." Plus, a few covers!

  1. Set list:
  2. Winnebago (Late! Cover)
  3. I'll Stick Around
  4. Butterflies
  5. Wattershed
  6. Big Me
  7. This Is a Call
  8. Weenie Beenie
  9. For All the Cows
  10. X-Static
  11. Oh, George
  12. Podunk
  13. Alone + Easy Target
  14. Exhausted
  15. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (Journey Cover)
  16. Good Grief
  17. Down in the Park (Gary Numan)

Big Black at Cat Club (08-06-1987)


On August 6th, 1987, Big Black played their second to last show ever at Cat Club in Manhattan.  The group announced their disbandment in advance of a final tour that started in June 1987 and ended with their final performance in Seattle on August 9th, 1987.  Subsequent to these performance, the band released their final album, and most successful album, "Songs About Fucking." 

Albini would go on to form Shellac and pursue a fruitful career as a recording engineer.  He worked with notable artists such as Slint, the Pixies, the Breeders, Pegboy, Urge Overkill, the Jesus Lizard, the Wedding Present, Superchunk, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, and Page and Plant.  In June 2017, Albini won $106,000 in a World Series of Poker event.  

Smashing Pumpkins at Maxwell's (08-03-1991)


On August 3rd, 1991 the Smashing Pumpkins played at Maxwell's for the second time!  Unlike their first appearance at the Hoboken venue, the Pumpkins had one album under their belt, as they released "Gish" in May 1991.  Though the group had just released this record, they played a fewm songs that would eventually appear on 1993's "Siamese Dream," including "Silverfuck," and "Rocket."

Set list:

  1. STP
  2. Rocket
  3. Tristessa
  4. Rhinoceros
  5. Bury Me
  6. Siva
  7. Silverfuck
  8. Window Paine
  9. I Am One
  10. Snail
  11. I Am My End

Boss Hog at Mercury Lounge (07-31-1998)


On July 31, 1998, Boss Hog played at Mercury Lounge! This gig occurred during a bit of an extended hiatus for the band, as after the release of their 2nd LP in 1995, the group did not put out another album until 2000's "Whiteout."  The band reunited in 2017, releasing their long awaited fourth album "Brood X," and playing some gigs, including this past June in Brooklyn as part of Northside Festival!


The Replacements Interview WKDU Philadelphia (07-28-1987)

July 1987 was a big month for the Replacements! They had just released their fifth studio album, the very different sounding, more radio-friendly "Pleased To Meet Me" and blew the lid off of several venues along the eastern seaboard.  Prior to their gig at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia on July 28th, the band sat down for an interview with local station WKDU.  This is a short, but candid interview where the band talks about signing to a major label and their Twin Cities brethren, Soul Asylum and Hüsker Dü.  

 The Replacements at Chestnut Cabaret on July 28th, 1987

The Replacements at Chestnut Cabaret on July 28th, 1987

The Replacements at The Ritz (07-27-1987)


On July 27th 1987, The Replacements continued their tour of the states with a stop at The Ritz in NYC!  The group had just released "Pleased To Meet Me" in June of 1987 and their setlist featured a lot of fun songs from that record.  There's also a great Youtube video of the band's performance of "I.O.U."

Set list:

1987-07-27 Ritz.jpg
  1. I.O.U.
  2. Nevermind
  3. Hold My Life 
  4. I Will Dare 
  5. Lovelines 
  6. Can’t Hardly Wait
  7. Little Mascra 
  8. Swingin’ Party 
  9. Bastards Of Young 
  10. Within’ Your Reach 
  11. The Ledge 
  12. Waitress In The Sky 
  13. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson) 
  14. Favorite Thing 
  15. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  16. Unsatisfied
  17. Go
  18. Nightclub Jitters
  19. California Sun (Rivieras) 
  20. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones) 
  21. Kiss Me On The Bus 
  22. Skyway
  23. If Only You Were Lonely
  24. Color Me Impressed
  25. Takin’ A Ride

The Replacements at The Stone Pony + Interview (07-25-1987)


On July 25th, 1987, The Replacements played at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.  As noted in the previous post, The Replacements played a handful of NYC area gigs in July 1987, including this memorable show at this New Jersey staple.  Notably, an accompanying tape includes the "Pleased To Meet Me" album interspersed with an interview with the band.  That very same tape also includes an exclusive interview with The Replacements conducted by Dave McKenzie and his girlfriend at The Stone Pony on the night of the show! You literally can't hear that anywhere else, so check it out!!

Set list:

  1. Bastards of Young
  2. Left of the Dial
  3. Little Mascara
  4. Kiss Me on the Bus
  5. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson cover)
  6. Shooting Dirty Pool
  7. Never Mind
  8. I Will Dare
  9. Can't Hardly Wait
  10. Nightclub Jitters
  11. Take Me Down to the Hospital
  12. Within Your Reach
  13. The Ledge
  14. instrumental
  15. Black Diamond (Kiss Cover)
  16. Hold My Life
  17. Unsatisfied
  18. Waitress in the Sky
  19. Alex Chilton

The Replacements at Beacon Theater (07-23-1987)


On July 23, 1987, The Replacements played at the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The Mats played a marathon 28 song set that included favorites from across their discography and a whole bunch of covers.  The band played multiple shows in the NYC area in July 1987, including The Chance in Poughkeepsie on July 18th and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on July 25th.  The band had also just released the fifth studio album, "Pleased To Meet Me," in June 1987.  Their set included some great songs from that record, including "Alex Chilton," "Nightclub Jitters," and "Can't Hardly Wait!"

Set list:

Full ad for the show courtesy of Darren Viola

IMG_4315 2.JPG
  1. Hold My Life
  2. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson cover) 
  3. Bastards Of Young 
  4. Nightclub Jitters 
  5. The Ledge 
  6. Waitress In The Sky 
  7. Kiss Me On The Bus
  8. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones) 
  9. I Will Dare 
  10. Within Your Reach
  11. Can’t Hardly Wait 
  12. Never Mind 
  13. Born in The USA (Bruce Springsteen)
  14. Little Mascara
  15. Honky Tonk Woman (Rolling Sones) 
  16. California Sun (The Rivieras) 
  17. September Gurls (Big Star) 
  18. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  19. I Can Help (Elvis Presley/Billy Swan) 
  20. Black Diamond (Kiss) 
  21. Gary’s Got A Boner 
  22. Fuckin’ around 
  23. If Only You Were Lonely
  24. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (Edison Lighthouse) 
  25. Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)
  26. Whipping Post (Allman Brothers)
  27. Left Of The Dial 
  28. Alex Chilton

Rollins Band at CBGB's (07-22-1988)


On July 22nd, 1988, Rollins Band played at CBGB's.  This gig occurred during what is considered the "first edition" of the Rollins Band.  After the Henry Rollins released two solo albums in 1987 and 1988, he formed Rollins Band with Chris Haskett on guitar, Andrew Weiss on bass, and Sim Cain on drums. Critics Ira Robbins and Regina Joskow described this line-up as a "brilliant, strong ensemble ... the band doesn't play punk (more a jazzy, thrashy, swing take on the many moods of Jimi Hendrix), but what they do together has the strengths of both. The group's loud guitar rock with a strong, inventive rhythmic clock borrows only the better attributes of metal, ensuring that noise is never a substitute for purpose."  Rollins Band released the Ian MacKaye produced "Life Time" in 1987, and would record "Hard Volume" in 1988.  


R.E.M. at Ripley's (07-20-1983)


On July 20th, 1983, R.E.M. played at Ripley's in Philadelphia, PA! Fresh on the heels of the April 1983 release of their debut studio album, "Murmur," the group set out on tours of both the United States and Europe.  Notably, the group played The Ritz and Maxwell's in April 1983, but their longest stretch of touring the states occurred from June to July.  R.E.M. made stops out West in June and worked their way back East in July, with stops in Boston, Providence, and at this gig in Philadelphia.  The band would play several arenas in August 1983 in support of The Police, including Shea Stadium in New York.  


Meat Puppets at Maxwell's (07-18-1988)


On July 18th, 1988, the Meat Puppets played at Maxwell's.  The Phoenix based group embarked on a nationwide tour in the Summer of 1988 that included gigs at several legendary east coast venues, including Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club, Trenton, NJ's City Gardens, and New York's CBGB's.  The band released two albums the year prior, "Mirage" in April 1987 and "Huevos" in October 1987.  After the conclusion of this tour, the band wold finish recording their sixth studio album, "Monsters," their final release on SST Records. 


The Replacements at The Chance (07-18-1987)


On July 18th, 1987, The Replacements played at The Chance in Pougkeepsie! The group treated the crowd to a pretty length set that included a fun medley of covers from Bruce, The Only Ones, KISS, and Alice Cooper!

Set list:

  1. Bastards of Young
  2. Hold My Life
  3. I.O.U.
  4. Never Mind
  5. Cross-Tie Walker (CCR Cover)
  6. Take Me Down to the Hospital
  7. Nightclub Jitters
  8. Within Your Reach
  9. The Ledge
  10. Lay It Down Clown
  11. Little Mascara
  12. Can't Hardly Wait
  13. Kiss Me on the Bus
  14. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones Cover)
  15. I Will Dare
  16. Happy Birthday
  17. The Girl From Ipanema (Pery Riberio Cover)
  18. Born in the U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
  19. Dedicated to the One I Love(The "5" Royales Cover)
  20. Tossin' and Turnin' (Bobby Lewis Cover)
  21. Waitress in the Sky
  22. I Just Don't Give a Damn (George Jones Cover)
  23. Unsatisfied
  24. Black Diamond (KISS Cover)
  25. Gary's Got a Boner
  26. Go
  27. If Only You Were Lonely
  28. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson Cover)
  29. Be My Lover (Alice Cooper Cover)
  30. Hear You Been to College
  31. Hamm's Beer Song

The Flaming Lips at Maxwell's (07-17-1987)


On July 17, 1987 Oklahoma City's The Flaming Lips played at Maxwell's! The group opened for Portland punk legends The Wipers, but I unfortunately do not have a tape of their set =(. Anyway, The Flaming Lips sounded much different at this point in their career than what most people would expect from this band.  In 1987, the group released their second LP "Oh MY Gawd!!!," a punk-infused, neo-psychdelic, noisey sounding album that included some fun weird tracks like a distorted looped cover of the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows." The Lips actually opened their set with this interested Fab Four cover!

Set list:

  1. Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover)
  2. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
  3. Just Like Before
  4. With You
  5. Maximum Dream for Evil Knievel
  6. Charlie Manson Blues
  7. Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover)
  8. Unplugged
  9. Staring at Sound
  10. Scratchin' the Door
  11. Dazed and Confused (Jake Holmes cover)

Lou Reed at The Ritz (07-16-1986)


On July 16, 1986, Lou Reed played the first of two sold out show at The Ritz! Billed as "The New York Original Comes Home," Reed treated the crowd to some classic songs including "Sweet Jane," "Walk On The Wild Side," and many tracks from his fourteenth solo album "Mistrial," which was released the previous month.  Thanks to St. Pauli Girl for putting on this concert series!


Queens of the Stone Age at Bowery Ballroom (07-15-2000)


On July 15, 2000, Queens of the Stone Age played at the Bowery Ballroom.  The band had just released their second full length album, "Rated R," in June 2000 on Interscope Records.  The band took a brief break from the Ozzfest tour for this gig at the Bowery Ballroom.  They kicked off their set on this night with track one off of this brand new record, "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer." 


Set list:

  1. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
  2. Regular John
  3. Monsters in the Parasol
  4. Quick and to the Pointless
  5. You Can't Quit Me Baby
  6. Leg of Lamb
  7. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
  8. Avon
  9. Better Living Through Chemistry
  10. Ode to Clarissa
  11. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
  12. Mexicola
  13. If Only
  14. Walkin' on the Sidewalks

Nirvana at Maxwell's (07-13-1989)


On July 13, 1989, Nirvana made their first ever appearance at Maxwell's!  At this point in time, Dave Ghrol had yet to join Nirvana and the group was performing as a four piece with Jason Everman on guitar.  At this gig, Kurt Cobain asked Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis to join Nirvana.  In an interview with Spin magazine, Mascais recalled the show:

“Nirvana was playing Maxwell’s and after the show I was talking to Kurt and [Sonic Youth’s] Thurston Moore. Kurt said, ‘you should join my band.’ I think he was sick of the guy Jason [Everman] who was in the band at the time, and thought I should play guitar. I didn’t think much about it. Later, there was also talk of playing drums on a single [1990’s ‘Sliver’] they were doing, but it ended up being [Mudhoney drummer] Dan Peters.”

The group played a ferocious set of songs from their debut LP Bleach, which was released in June of 1989. They'd also play "Polly," which would appear on their 1991 classic, "Nevermind."

Set list:

  1. School
  2. Floyd the Barber
  3. Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover)
  4. About a Girl
  5. Scoff
  6. Spank Thru
  7. Big Cheese
  8. Polly
  9. Paper Cuts
  10. Negative Creep
  11. Blew