Smashing Pumpkins at Maxwell's (08-03-1991)


On August 3rd, 1991 the Smashing Pumpkins played at Maxwell's for the second time!  Unlike their first appearance at the Hoboken venue, the Pumpkins had one album under their belt, as they released "Gish" in May 1991.  Though the group had just released this record, they played a fewm songs that would eventually appear on 1993's "Siamese Dream," including "Silverfuck," and "Rocket."

Set list:

  1. STP
  2. Rocket
  3. Tristessa
  4. Rhinoceros
  5. Bury Me
  6. Siva
  7. Silverfuck
  8. Window Paine
  9. I Am One
  10. Snail
  11. I Am My End