The Feelies at Maxwell's (11-22-1985)


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! Here’s a Turkey Day treat for you!


On November 22nd, 1985, the Feelies played at Maxwell’s! he show was the second of a two-night stand, and based on the Village Voice blurb included with the tape, it appears to be one of the first official gigs that the band played as the Feelies in five years. The band showcased some of their new material that would appear on their incredible 1986 album The Good Earth, including “Let’s Go,” “On The Roof,” and the holiday appropriate, “When Company Comes!” Happy Thanksgiving to all my Feelies loving friends! Also, this is labeled as the 1:00am “late show,” so I’m actually not sure if this is the 21st or 22nd. Either way, it rules! Enjoy!