Helmet at CBGB's (12-14-1990)


On December 14th, 1990, Helmet played at CBGB’s! This show occurred early on in the band’s career, as the band had only formed a year prior and released their debut album, Strap It On, in March 1990 on Amphetamine Reptile Records. The band achieved some moderate commercial success with their 1992 major label debut with Interscope Records, Meantime. Once the group signed this deal, Interscope reissued Strap It On in November 1991. Critics considered the album innovative for its explosive, propulsive, and often staccato riff style which greatly exploited Drop D tuning.

Helmet actually opened for the Melvins on this night. You can find footage of the Melvins’ complete set on Youtube. So, you basically have everything you need to re-create the experience of attending this show! Do it!!!