Otis Ball at Maxwell's (12-22-1990)


On December 22nd, 1990, Otis Ball played at Maxwell’s! Originally based in the midwest, Otis relocated to Hoboken in 1988 after signing with Bar None Records. According to his biography on the Bar None website, the label originally discovered him through They Might Be Giants.


The Giants had received a tape from him and sent it to our offices immediately, with a note asking, "what do you make of this?" We didn't know what to make of it but we were intrigued, so we asked for more. He sent us a video tape of an all-woman band that he was playing bass with at the time. We signed him soon afterward.

Otis played a 20 minute set opening for The Spin Doctors and Carnival Life. Dave Mckenzie took a few original photos of Otis performing, which I believe are from this performance.