Hüsker Dü at Maxwell's (12-31-1984)


On December 31st, 1984, Hüsker Dü played at Maxwell’s! The band had reason to celebrate on the New Year’s Eve, as they wrapped up quite the successful year. In July of that year, the trio from Minneapolis released what many consider to be their magnum opus, the epic Zen Arcade. The record is considered a concept album that tells the story of a young boy who runs away from an unfulfilling home life, only to find the world outside is even worse. The tape includes about 85% of the band’s set - it cuts off midway through their cover of the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High.” Hoboken legends Gut Bank opened the show, but sadly their set is not included on the tape.

Set list

  1. First Set

  2. Somewhere

  3. Target

  4. What Do I Want?

  5. From The Gut

  6. Wheels

  7. Everything Falls Apart

  8. What's Going On?

  9. Chartered Trips

  10. Data Control/Reoccurring Dreams/Helter Skelter/Jam

  11. Second Set

  12. Never Talking To You Again

  13. Hate Paper Doll

  14. Green Eyes

  15. Divide And Conquer

  16. Pink Turns To Blue

  17. Eight Miles High