Butthole Surfers at CBGB's (02-12-1986)


On February 12, 1986, the Butthole Surfers played a very memorable show at CBGB's.   Around this time, the band was transitioning from a more traditional punk rock band to a bit of a psychedelic, freakout/crazy/whoa.  The band had just released the "Cream Corn" EP a month prior, which saw them experiment with blues, industrial music, psychedelic rock, and country rock in the space of four songs.  Enjoy this psychedelic shit!


Set list:

  1. John E. Smoke
  2. Cherub
  3. Suicide
  4. Graveyard
  5. Moving to Florida
  6. 100 Million People Dead
  7. To Parter
  8. Tornadoes
  9. Pittsburgh to Lebanon
  10. Psychedelic Jam
  11. Lady Sniff
  12. U.S.S.A.
  13. Comb
  14. Concubine