Wilco at Irving Plaza (02-15-1997)


On February 15, 1997, Wilco played a show at Irving Plaza that is infamously remembered for the "Deli Tray Incident."  At around 50 minutes into the group's set, Jeff Tweedy retreated backstage and emerged with a tray full of cold cuts - and oh yes, he proceeded to throw those meats into the crowd! 

Aside from all this salami tossing, the band played a really amazing sets featuring all of your favorite songs from 1995's A.M. and 1996's Being There (my personal favorite Wilco album).  This show was also taped for the HBO show, "Reverb."  I included a link to the Youtube video of Reverb episode below.  Enjoy this one!

Click photo for video of the show!

Click photo for video of the show!

Set list:

  1. Misunderstood
  2. Far, Far Away
  3. Forget The Flowers
  4. That’s Not The Issue
  5. Someday Soon
  6. New Madrid
  7. Red-Eyed And Blue
  8. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
  9. Someone Else’s Song
  10. Why Would You Wanna Live
  11. I Must Be High
  12. Passenger Side (punk)
  13. Hotel Arizona
  14.  Monday
  15.  Kingpin
  16. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  17. Box Full Of Letters
  18. Casino Queen
  19. We’ve Been Had
  20. The Long Cut
  21. Dreamer In My Dreams
  22. Will You Love Me Tomorrow