BR5-49 at Tramps (02-20-1998)


On February 20, 1998, BR5-49 returned to Tramps in New York City.  Just like their show at Tramps in '97, the group played another 30 song marathon set filled with country, fiddle-y goodness.  Enjoy!

Br549 4.jpg

Set list:

  1. I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train
  2. Bettie Bettie
  3. Even If It's Wrong
  4. Change The Way I Look 
  5. Right Or Wrong
  6. Hometown Boogie
  7. Long Black Veil
  8. Out of Habit
  9. I Ain't Never
  10. They Call Me A Playboy
  11. Love's Gonna Live Here
  12. Humdinger
  13. My Eyes Are Jealous
  14. Me And Opie Down By The Duck Pond
  15. Take Me Back To Tulsa
  16. Go Boy Go
  17. Hillbilly Thang
  18. Down Here Nobody Knows My Name, Back Home My Name Is Mud
  19. Applause
  20. Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believing)
  21. Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)
  22. You Are Never Nice To Me
  23. Cherokee Boogie
  24. Ole Slew Foot
  25. Gone Gone Gone
  26. Big Mouth Blues
  27. Fraulein
  28. Wheels and a Crowbar
  29. Seven Nights To Rock
  30. Honky Tonk Song
  31. One Long Saturday Night