Die Kreuzen on WFMU (03-05-1988)


On March 5, 1988, Die Kreuzen appeared for a live in studio performance and interview on WFMU! They crammed six songs into 20ish minutes and then discussed a range of topics including DJ Fabio, drinking contests with Killdozer, and their show at 428 Lafayette Street on the following Monday.  The band even gave away tickets to that show to a lucky caller who was successfully able to answer some Die Kreuzen trivia questions! 

The caller was able to answer:

1) Where did "All White" appear before it was on the first Die Kreuzen album?

2) Who was the producer that botched the first two Die Kreuzen Records?

Congrats to the lucky winner, Linda! Hope she had fun on March 7, 1988 at 428 Lafayette Street!!