Son Volt at Irving Plaza (04-24-1997)


On April 24, 1997, Son Volt played at Irving Plaza.  The group had just released their second studio album, "Straightaways," two days earlier and were uber pumped to play songs from their new record!  Jay Farrar even threw in some cover songs of his old band, Uncle Tupelo, for good  measure!

The New York Times did a nice write up of the show in their April 26, 1997 edition. Neil Strauss wrote:  

Son Volt's newer songs, like those of Mr. Buckner, were more moody and impressionistic than structured, with sweeps of pedal-steel guitar, banjo and fiddle. This sometimes led to monotony, especially since the band grouped all of its upbeat songs together near the end of the show and saved its shimmering guitar solos for the encore. But it all seemed strategical: As the band sang in its new song, ''Picking Up the Signal,'' it is ''turning away from faster/down-shifting low.''

Set list:

  1. Tear Stained Eye
  2. True to Life (Uncle Tupelo cover)
  3. Last Minute Shakedown
  4. Slate (Uncle Tupelo cover)
  5. Creosote
  6. Out of the Picture
  7. Left A Slide
  8. Back Into Your World
  9. Catching On
  10. Live Free
  11. Ten Second News
  12. Picking Up the Signal
  13. Cemetery Savior
  14. Loose String
  15. Caryatid Easy
  16. Route
  17. Drown
  18. No More Parades
  19. Windfall
  20. Been Set Free
  21. Chickamauga (Uncle Tupelo cover)