Meat Puppets at The Ritz (05-10-1987)


On May 10, 1987, the Meat Puppets played at The Ritz!  The Asbury Park Press published the following regarding the show, and the group's fourth LP 'Mirage,' in their May 10, 1987 edition: 

[The Meat Puppets] are scheduled to headline tonight at the Ritz in New York, their biggest gig ever in the city (opening is Soul Asylum, a sizzling Husker Du protege). After the unfocused "Up on the Sun" in 1985 and last year's harder-edged EP "Out My Way," "Mirage" is a return to form. It has the juiciest bunch of hooks the band has strung together on one album, along with some of the prettiest West Coast guitar lines of any record in 1987. Brothers Cris and Curt Kirk-wood formed the Meat Puppets with drummer Derrick Bostrom in Arizona. Their first album was pretty much a thunderous rush of blues-influenced rock that sounded a bit like the laid-back music of the Grateful Dead. There were other Deadheads at SST, notably the members of Black Flag, but none dared to commit punk's cardinal sin of laying back quite so openly. Who would have thought of punks in the 1980s wearing long hair and colorful T-shirts and playing serious two-steps? Nowadays, a number of bands are doing the same thing. The Meat Puppets haven't been put out to pasture, though. They're still making sparkling records, like the new "Mirage" (SST, P.O. Box 1, Lawndale, Calif., 90260), their fourth full-length.

Edit: Thank you to Gerald Schumacher for the set list-

  1. 1. Not Swimming Ground

  2. Lake Of Fire

  3. Quit It

  4. Leaves

  5. Get On Down

  6. Beauty

  7. Out My Way

  8. Plateau

  9. Swimming Ground

  10. A Hundred Miles

  11. The Mighty Zero

  12. Love Our Children Forever

  13. Lost

  14. Mirage

  15. I Am A Machine

  16. She's Hot

  17. Liquified

  18. Bad Boy

  19. Up On The Sun

  20. I'm Bad I'm Nationwide

  21. Burn The Honky Tonk Down

  22. I Just Want To Make Love To You