The Jayhawks at Irving Plaza (05-02-1997)


On May 2, 1997, the Jayhawks played at Irving Plaza! The group was touring in support of their fourth studio album, "Sound of Lies," which was released on April 22, 1997.  Check out that Chris Bell cover to round out the set!

Their latest album, Paging Mr. Proust, was produced in Portland with Peter Buck and Tucker Martine.  The group also served as Ray Davies' backing band for his April 2017 release, "Americana."

Celebrate Brooklyn! just announced that the Jayhawks will be headlining a concert at Prospect Park on June 16.  Mandolin Orange and Parsonfield are also playing!


Set list:

  1. It's Up to You
  2. I'd Run AwayPoor Little Fish
  3. Take Me With You (When You Go)
  4. Settled Down Like Rain
  5. Out on the Side (Dillard & Clark cover)
  6. Dying on the Vine
  7. Sixteen Down
  8. Big Star
  9. Two Hearts
  10. The Man Who Loved Life
  11. Trouble
  12. Waiting for the Sun
  13. Stick in the Mud
  14. Think About It
  15. Blue
  16. Real Light
  17. Ain't No End
  18. I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell cover)