Pixies at Maxwell's (05-21-1988)


On May 21, 1988, he Pixies made their second ever appearance at Maxwell's! This gig comes at a watershed moment for the band, as they had just released their seminal album, "Surfer Rosa," in March of 1988. Their set includes many classic songs including "Where Is My Mind?," "Bone Machine," and my personal favorite, "Gigantic!!" The show ends with a Beatles cover! Enjoy - the sound quality is excellent!


Set list:

  1. The Holiday Song
  2. Nimrod's Son
  3. Bone Machine
  4. Break My Body
  5. Isla de Encanta
  6. Broken Face
  7. Ed Is Dead
  8. Where Is My Mind?
  9. Something Against You
  10. Hey
  11. Gigantic
  12. I've Been Tired
  13. Vamos
  14. Caribou
  15. Tony's Theme
  16. Wild Honey Pie (Beatles Cover)