Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Tramps (05-30-1998)


On May 30, 1998, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion played at Tramps! In late 1997, the band began recording their sixth studio album, "Acme," by cutting a few tracks with Calvin Johnson at his studio in Olympia, WA.  Following a New Year's Eve performance in Chicago, the band visited Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio. While in Chicago the band recruited Andre Williams to provide guest vocals for the track "Lap Dance."  He joined the Blues Explosion on stage to round out this set at Tramps!

Set list:

  1. Wait a Minute
  2. Afro
  3. Dynamite Lover
  4. Give Me a Chance
  5. High Gear
  6. Greyhound
  7. 2Kindsa Love
  8. Flavor
  9. Attack
  10. Magical Colors
  11. Confused
  12. Get With It
  13. Fuck Shit Up
  14. Calvin 


  1. ’78 Style
  2. Bellbottoms
  3. Wail
  4. Full Grown
  5. All Aboard
  6. Chowder
  7. Chicken Dog
  8. Lap Dance (with Andre Williams)