Cobre Verde at Brownie's (07-12-1997)


On July 12, 1997, Cobra Verde played at Brownie's! The Cleveland, Ohio post-punk group had just released their their second full length LP, "Egomania" in May 1997.

For those who were unaware, the history of Cobra Verde is significantly connected to fellow Ohioans, Guided By Voices.  The band originally started as a one-off studio project for Scat Records, a St. Louis-based imprint responsible for releasing records by seminal Cleveland bands such as electric eelsand Dayton, Ohio band Guided by Voices. Petkovic, the sole continuous member throughout Cobra Verde's 20-year history, enlisted guitarist Doug Gillard and drummer Dave Swanson, with whom he had played with in Death of Samantha with studio engineer Don on bass. Petkovic reflected on how he came up with the name "Cobra Verde" in a 1996 interview with Flipside Magazine: 

“I didn't even have a name for the thing until the cover art for the record was being sent off," said Petkovic, in a 1996 interview with Flipside magazine. "So I had a friend call me who happened to be hanging out with Werner Herzog – so he asks Herzog to suggest a name. So he says Cobra Verde -- the name of the last film he shot with Klaus Kinski – in honor of Klaus."

Fun fact, the same line-up also recorded Guided by Voices 1997 album, "Mah Earwhig!"