Rollins Band at CBGB's (07-22-1988)


On July 22nd, 1988, Rollins Band played at CBGB's.  This gig occurred during what is considered the "first edition" of the Rollins Band.  After the Henry Rollins released two solo albums in 1987 and 1988, he formed Rollins Band with Chris Haskett on guitar, Andrew Weiss on bass, and Sim Cain on drums. Critics Ira Robbins and Regina Joskow described this line-up as a "brilliant, strong ensemble ... the band doesn't play punk (more a jazzy, thrashy, swing take on the many moods of Jimi Hendrix), but what they do together has the strengths of both. The group's loud guitar rock with a strong, inventive rhythmic clock borrows only the better attributes of metal, ensuring that noise is never a substitute for purpose."  Rollins Band released the Ian MacKaye produced "Life Time" in 1987, and would record "Hard Volume" in 1988.