The Replacements at The Stone Pony + Interview (07-25-1987)


On July 25th, 1987, The Replacements played at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.  As noted in the previous post, The Replacements played a handful of NYC area gigs in July 1987, including this memorable show at this New Jersey staple.  Notably, an accompanying tape includes the "Pleased To Meet Me" album interspersed with an interview with the band.  That very same tape also includes an exclusive interview with The Replacements conducted by Dave McKenzie and his girlfriend at The Stone Pony on the night of the show! You literally can't hear that anywhere else, so check it out!!

Set list:

  1. Bastards of Young

  2. Left of the Dial

  3. Little Mascara

  4. Kiss Me on the Bus

  5. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson cover)

  6. Shooting Dirty Pool

  7. Never Mind

  8. I Will Dare

  9. Can't Hardly Wait

  10. Nightclub Jitters

  11. Take Me Down to the Hospital

  12. Within Your Reach

  13. The Ledge

  14. instrumental

  15. Black Diamond (Kiss Cover)

  16. Hold My Life

  17. Unsatisfied

  18. Waitress in the Sky

  19. Alex Chilton