The Replacements at City Gardens (08-17-1985)

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On August 17th, 1985, The Replacements played an early show at City Gardens in Trenton.  The band played several songs from their fifth LP, "Tim," which would be released in October of that year.  Most notably, Bob Stitson arrived late to the gig.  He showed up during the band's fourth song, "I Will Dare."  If you listen closely, you can hear a fan asking Paul Westerberg for his money back, to which Paul replied, "I don't blame ya!" 

Set list:

1985-08-17 A1.jpg
  1. Love You Till Friday
  2. Kiss Me on the Bus
  3. Unsatisfied
  4. I Will Dare
  5. Bastards of Young
  6. I'm in Trouble
  7. God Damn Job
  8. Color Me Impressed
  9. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  10. Takin a Ride
  11. Dose of Thunder
  12. If Only You Were Lonely
  13. I'll Buy
  14. Favorite Thing
  15. Can't Hardly Wait
  16. Lay It Down Clown
  17. Left of the Dial
  18. Answering Machine
  19. Black Diamond (Kiss cover)
  20. Take Me Down to the Hospital
  21. Go
  22. Johnny's Gonna Die
  23. Kids Don't Follow