Tom Waits Interview on 'Snap' KCRW - Santa Monica (08-24-1987)


On August 24th, 1987, Tom Waits was interviewed on the ‘Snap’ program on KCRW-Santa Monica shortly after the release of Waits' ninth studio album, “Frank’s Wild Years.” The interview primarily focuses on the recording of the songs on the record - including Waits’ use of instruments he found in pawn shops and the record’s stage play adaptation. This record features several memorable songs from Waits' catalog, including “Way Down In The Hole,” which was used as the theme song for the hit HBO show, “The Wire.” The majority of the songs played on the show were recordings from the album, but Waits did perform a few songs live on the air, including “Cold Cold Ground” and "Way Down In The Hole."

Notably, before the year before this album was released, it was adapted for a play at the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago.