Bob Mould at Irving Plaza (09-25-1998)


On September 25th, 1998, Bob Mould played at Irving Plaza. Bob was originally only scheduled to perform on Friday the 25th, but due to high demand, a second gig was added for Saturday the 26th. Two years prior to this show, Bob disbanded his highly renowned post-Husker Du project, Sugar, and resumed his solo career. He released a self-titled album (referred to as Hubcap due to the cover art) in 1996, and then released The Last Dog And Pony Show about a month prior to this show at Irving Plaza. The album was named as such because Mould decided that the tour that followed would be his "last electric band tour." Subsequently, Bob took a hiatus from music to pursue his other passion, professional wrestling! He’d release his next solo album, “Modulate,” in 2002.