Claw Hammer and Helmet at Coney Island High (09-06-1996)


On September 6th, 1996, Claw Hammer and Helmet played at Coney Island High! In 1995, Claw Hammer released their first major label LP, "Thank The Holder Uppers," on Interscope Records. The band would release their final LP in 1997, "Hold Your Tongue (And Say Apple)." For this show, Claw Hammer was joined by their Interscope label mates Helmet. Helmet was in the midst of recording their 1997 album, "Aftertaste." Originally, this record was scheduled for release in the Fall of 1996, but the band aborted the release, and reassigned final mixing duties from Dave Sardy to Terry Date. The album was eventually released in March of 1997.