Captain America at CBGB's (06-20-1992)


On June 20th, 1992, Captain America played at CBGB’s! The Glasgow-based band was formed in 1990 by Eugene Kelly following the dissolution of his former band, The Vaselines. Inspired by the early work of Teenage Fanclub, Kelly recruited Gordon Keen on guitar, James Seenan on bass, and Andy Bollen on drums to form the first lineup of Captain America. As Kurt Cobain was a big fan of Kelly's work with The Vaselines, he invited Captain American to open for Nirvana on their 1991 European tour.

In November 1991, the band released their first EP EP on Paperhouse Records. In early 1992, they released their second EP, “Flame On.” The band were forced to change their name to Eugenius due to legal threats from Marvel Comics, who owned the legal rights to the name "Captain America". Around the time of this gig, the band also attracted the attention of Atlantic records, who released their first full-length “Oomalama” in November of 1992.