The Saints at Maxwell's (06-29-1986)


On June 29th, 1986, The Saints played at Maxwell’s! Formed in 1973 in Brisbane, Australia, The Saints were at the forefront of the punk rock genre, releasing their first single, “I’m Stranded,” in September of 1976. The group underwent several lineup changes by the time they arrived in the United States for this 1986 tour. In 1986, the group released their seventh studio album, All Fools Day, with Chris Bailey on vocals, Richard Burgman on guitar, Arturo Larizza on bass, and Ivor Hay on drums. The album was The Saints' commercial breakthrough into the US, with the videos for "Just Like Fire Would" and "Temple of the Lord" receiving airplay on MTV.

The Saints are still active, but have not released a record since 2012’s King of the Sun. In 2014 Bruce Springsteen released a cover of "Just Like Fire Would" on his 2014 album, High Hopes.