Pavement at Maxwell's (07-29-1992)


On July 29th, 1992, Pavement played at Maxwell’s! The legendary indie rock band had just released their debut album, Slanted And Enchanted, in April of 1992. The band’s set features many favorites from that record, including “Loretta’s Scars,” “Summer Babe,” “Zurich Is Stained,” and more!

Pavement toured almost non-stop in 1992. This show at Maxwell’s kicked off a string of dates in the United States, after the band spent most of July in Europe.

Set list:

  1. Frontwards

  2. Perfume-V

  3. Home

  4. Spizzle Trunk

  5. Here

  6. Our Singer

  7. Summer Babe

  8. Conduit for Sale!

  9. Shoot the Singer

  10. Two States

  11. Can't Trust It to Remain

  12. Debris Slide

  13. Loretta's Scars

  14. Greenlander

  15. She Believes

  16. Zurich Is Stained

  17. In the Mouth a Desert

  18. Baptiss Blacktick

  19. No Life Singed Her