Gone + Painted Willie at Maxwell's (04-10-1986)


On April 10th, 1986, Gone and Painted Willie played at Maxwell’s! Greg Ginn originally formed Gone as a Black Flag side project in late 1985 with bassist Andrew Weiss and drummer Sim Cain. The trio released their first album, Let's Get Real, Real Gone For A Change, in 1986 on Ginn's SST Records label and embarked on a six-month tour opening for Black Flag. At the time, Ginn was still playing with Black Flag. On a typical day during the tour, Gone would perform one set at an in-store appearance, then go down to the venue where Black Flag were headlining, set up, and open the show. Ginn's only break in the evening would be when the second opening band, Painted Willie, performed.

Richard Lloyd at Maxwell's (02-29-1987)


Whoa! As it turns out, 1987 was a leap year! On the leap day of February 29th, Richard Lloyd played at Maxwell’s! Lloyd, who was originally a guitar player in the seminal New York City proto-punk band Television, began a solo career in 1978 after the first dissolution of Television. He went on to release two solo albums prior to this gig, Alchemy in 1979 and Field of Fire in 1985. In 1987, Lloyd released his third solo album, Real Time! Enjoy this very excellent sound Maxwell’s tape!

Fields of the Nephilim at Cat Club (02-23-1986)


On February 23rd, 1986, Fields of the Nephlim played at the Cat Club! The goth-rock groujp formed a mere two years prior to this performance in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. The band's name refers to a Biblical race of giants or angel-human hybrids, known as the Nephilim. This is the third tape in the Mckenzie Tape collection that documents a performance at the legendary Cat Club. These gigs took place shortly after this performance by Field of Nephilim - Hoboken’s The Bongos played at the club in May 1986 and Big Black performance there in August of 1987.

The Lyres at Folk City (02-19-1986)


On February 19th, 1986, The Lyres played at Folk City! In 1986, the Boston-area garage rock band released their second album, Lyres Lyres, on Ace of Hearts. Led by Jeff Conolly, the band remained active throughout the 1980s. Folk City was a legendary venue in Manhattan’s West Village, hosting many great acts during the 1980s, including Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, the Replacements, 10,000 Maniacs, and many others!

Johnny Thunders at Irving Plaza (02-15-1986)


On February 15th, 1986, Johnny Thunders played at Irving Plaza! In 1985, the former member of the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers released Que Sera Sera, a collection of new songs with his then band The Black Cats, and "Crawfish", a duet with former Snatch vocalist Patti Palladin. According to my research, this tour was originally scheduled for late 1985, but was rescheduled to start on February 13th, 1986 in Philadelphia. I haven’t listened to the tape the whole way through yet, but Thunders is apparently joined by James Brown's horn section towards the end of the show.


Set list:

  1. Blame It On Mom

  2. M.I.A.

  3. Little Bit Of Whore

  4. Too Much Junkie Bizness

  5. I Can Tell

  6. Personality Crisis

  7. 14th St. Beat

  8. Joey Joey

  9. I Only Wrote This Song For You

  10. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

  11. Cool Operator

  12. Bright Lights Big City

  13. Gloria

  14. Help Me

  15. Help Me (Conclusion)

  16. Give Her A Great Big Kiss

  17. In The Midnight Hour

  18. Don't You Just Know It

  19. Don't Mess With Cupid

  20. Stepping Stone

  21. Pipeline

  22. Hoochie Coochie Man


Gumball at CBGB's (02-09-1991)


On February 9th, 1991, Gumball played at CBGB’s! Gumball originally formed in 1990 with Don Fleming on lead vocals and guitar, Eric Vermillion on bass, and Jay Spiegel on drums.  The fall of 1990 found Gumball in the studio, and their first release came out shortly thereafter on the Paperhouse/Sire label in England. The release was a 12 inch EP with the songs "All the Time"/"Yellow Pants"/"Gettysburg". Shortly after their formation, Gumball signed with NYC's Caroline Records. They recorded and released the album Special Kiss in 1991 and subsequently toured with Mudhoney, and Sonic Youth

Pussy Galore at Maxwell's (01-31-1987)


On January 31st, 1987, Pussy Galore played at Maxwell’s in support of The Leaving Trains. That’s right! One of the very first tapes posted as part of The Mckenzie Tapes collection was a rousing performance by The Leaving Trains at Maxwell’s on January 31st, 1987. Guess what? It was the very same gig! It was a memorable performance, and one of my personal favorites, as Dave also documented the night with several original photos. Now, exactly one year later, you can enjoy this January 31st, 1987 Maxwell’s gig in its entirety, as this fantastic recording of Pussy Galore’s opening set is now seeing the light of day!

Later in 1987, Pussy Galore would release their second LP, Right Now!, on Caroline Records.  In 1986, the band released an entire cover album of The Rolling Stones’ “Exile On Main Street” on limited edition cassette.


Sex Pistols at KSAN Radio (1-13-1978)


On January 13th, 1978, the Sex Pistols appeared on KSAN Radio! In 1978, the Sex Pistols hopped across the pond for what would be their first and only U.S. tour. The very next night, the group performed their last show of their original run at the Winterland in San Francisco. This much-hyped, sold-out swansong was simulcast over KSAN-FM radio. The evening kicked off with sets by two of San Francisco's finest of the era, the Avengers and the Nuns (which included Alejandro Escovedo).

Hüsker Dü at Maxwell's (12-31-1984)


On December 31st, 1984, Hüsker Dü played at Maxwell’s! The band had reason to celebrate on the New Year’s Eve, as they wrapped up quite the successful year. In July of that year, the trio from Minneapolis released what many consider to be their magnum opus, the epic Zen Arcade. The record is considered a concept album that tells the story of a young boy who runs away from an unfulfilling home life, only to find the world outside is even worse. The tape includes about 85% of the band’s set - it cuts off midway through their cover of the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High.” Hoboken legends Gut Bank opened the show, but sadly their set is not included on the tape.

Set list

  1. First Set

  2. Somewhere

  3. Target

  4. What Do I Want?

  5. From The Gut

  6. Wheels

  7. Everything Falls Apart

  8. What's Going On?

  9. Chartered Trips

  10. Data Control/Reoccurring Dreams/Helter Skelter/Jam

  11. Second Set

  12. Never Talking To You Again

  13. Hate Paper Doll

  14. Green Eyes

  15. Divide And Conquer

  16. Pink Turns To Blue

  17. Eight Miles High

Patti Smith at CBGB's (12-29-1979)


On December 29th, 1979, Patti Smith played at CBGB’s! The legendary punk poet celebrated her 33rd birthday a day early with a raucous performance. In 1979, Smith released the Todd Rundgren produced “Wave” with the Patti Smith Group. The record is a standout in her discography and contains classics such as “Frederic,” “Dancing Barefoot,” and “"So You Want to Be (A Rock 'n' Roll Star).” Happy Birthday, Patti Smith!

Bad Brains at The Ritz (12-27-1986)


On December 26th, 1986, Bad Brains played at The Ritz! The band wrapped up a pretty successful year with this performance, as in 1986, they signed with SST Records and released their third studio album, I Against I. This record expanded on the band's hardcore punk and reggae sound by introducing a heavy metal/funk hybrid elements. Despite the group’s success, vocalist H.R. and his brother Earl quit Bad Brains in 1987.


John Cale at Maxwell's (12-23-1988)


On December 23rd, 1988, John Cale played at Maxwell’s! This show marks the beginning of a comeback for the former Velvet Underground member, as after releasing his 11th studio album, Artificial Intelligence, in 1985, Cale took a break from recording and performing. Shortly after this performance,  Cale released the Brian Eno-produced album, Words for the Dying,  in 1989.

This tape contains about 50 minutes of his set. Unfortunately, the tape recorder died mid-set. It's 50 high quality sounding minutes, though. Enjoy! 


Otis Ball at Maxwell's (12-22-1990)


On December 22nd, 1990, Otis Ball played at Maxwell’s! Originally based in the midwest, Otis relocated to Hoboken in 1988 after signing with Bar None Records. According to his biography on the Bar None website, the label originally discovered him through They Might Be Giants.


The Giants had received a tape from him and sent it to our offices immediately, with a note asking, "what do you make of this?" We didn't know what to make of it but we were intrigued, so we asked for more. He sent us a video tape of an all-woman band that he was playing bass with at the time. We signed him soon afterward.

Otis played a 20 minute set opening for The Spin Doctors and Carnival Life. Dave Mckenzie took a few original photos of Otis performing, which I believe are from this performance.


Living Colour at CBGB's (12-18-1989)


On December 18th, 1989, Living Colour played at CBGB’s. A year prior, the band released their commercially successful debut album, Vivid, which scored a number of hits, including the well-known “Cult of Personality.” , This song won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1990. They were also named Best New Artist at the 1989 MTV Video Music Award.  After disbanding in 1995,vLiving Colour reunited in late 2000.


Joey Ramone Interview on The Howard Stern Show (12-1985)

Here’s a fun clip that was tacked on to the end of a Die Kreuzen tape.  In December 1985, Joey Ramone appeared on The Howard Stern show.  The two look-a-likes talked about groupies, road stories, and of course, the Ramones. The exact date is not explicitly mentioned, but I was able to figure out that this interview occurred in 1985, as Joey mentions that the Ramones were scheduled to play at a venue called The World on New Year's Eve.  The internet tells me that said show occurred on December 31st, 1985!