The Jesus Lizard at Irving Plaza (01-25-1997)

Click here for a high quality FLAC version via!

Click here for a high quality FLAC version via!

On January 25, 1997, the Jesus Lizard played a high energy set at Irving Plaza.  They treated their audience to a mix of songs from their Touch and Go classics, "Goat" and "Liar," as well as newer jams from their 1996 major label debut, "Shot." The Jesus Lizard recently embarked on a second reunion tour in 2017 - one that the band dubbed their very last! Hope you had a chance to see them live! If not, you'll always have this tape!


Set list:

  1. Puss
  2. Now Then
  3. Destroy Before Reading
  4. Thumbscrews
  5. Fly on the Wall
  6. Mouth Breather
  7. The Associate
  8. More Beautiful Than Barbie
  9. Mailman
  10. Boilermaker
  11. Cold Water
  12. Killer McHann
  13. Good Riddance
  14. Blockbuster
  15. Gladiator
  16. Glamorous
  17. Nub
  18. Seasick
  19. Wheelchair Epidemic (The Dicks cover)
  20. Monkey Trick
  21. Shut Up