Soul Asylum on the Rock of Rages Program on KPAI in Minneapolis, MN (02-05-1984)


On February 5, 1984, Soul Asylum appeared on the Rock of Rages program on KPAI - Fresh Air Radio in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN. The band kicked off the interview by discussing their origins under the name "Loud Fast Rules" and the reasoning behind the abrupt change to "Soul Asylum."  As it turns out, the band members thought the original name was... kinda... "dumb." Aside from an entertaining interview, Soul Asylum played a few acoustic songs in studio, including a cover of a Rolling Stones classic, "Dead Flowers" and some early originals. Soul Asylum would play a double header the next day in Minneapolis.

James Brown was also in town, but you had to shell out 10 bucks to see him. 

The program ends with a Black Flag song!