Royal Trux at Coney Island High (03-23-1997)


On March 23, 1997, Royal Trux played a 50 minute set at St. Mark's Place staple, Coney Island High.  A popular noise-rock band during the 1990s, the songwriting duo of Neil Michael Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema officially reunited in 2015 - playing a handful of shows over the last few years, including a 3-night residency at Market Hotel in 2017.  Fat Possum recently released the majority of their discography and the band announced plans to release their 11th full length in early 2019.

As for the venue, Coney Island High, located on 15 St. Mark's Place in Manhattan, was the most popular punk venue in New York through much of the '90s. The venue was demolished in the early '00s and replaced with a condo building, and now there's a sushi restaurant on the ground floor. Sad face.