Descendents, Gang Green, Dag Nasty, Half Life, and Big Red at City Gardens (03-08-1987)


On March 8, 1987, City Gardens hosted a stacked lineup of the some of the finest punk rock acts of the 1980s! The Descendents topped a bill that also included Dag Nasty, Half Life, Gang Green, and Big Red.  

This gig marks the early stages of a transition period for the Descendents, as following their 1986 summer tour, Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton of the Utah band Massacre Guys assumed bass and lead guitar duties, respectively.  The band had also just released their fourth studio album, "All", in January of 1987, their final release before their second hiatus in the summer of 1987.  However, as we all know, Alvarez, Egerton, and Bill Stevenson continued to record music under the name "All" with Dave Smalley of Dag Nasty on lead vocals.  All released their debut LP, "Allroy Sez," in December of 1987.