Tom Verlaine at The Ritz (04-26-1987)


On April 26, 1987, Tom Verlaine played at the Ritz!  He played a bunch of songs from his 1987 album, "Flash Light" and threw in some Television classics to round out the set.  His band at this point in time consisted of Jimmy Ripp, Fred Smith, and Jay Dee Daughterty.  That's straight fire!!  The apex is the freeform coda to an 18+ minute “Kingdom Come” wherein the quartet simulate a cacophonous train wreck!

Set list:

  1. Rotation
  2. Souvenir From A Dream
  3. Dissolve/Reveal
  4. Bomb
  5. The Scientist Writes a Letter
  6. Oenetration
  7. Monologue/Swim
  8. Clear It Away
  9. Cry Mercy Judge
  10. Kingdom Come
  11. Marquee Moon
  12. Psychotic Reaction