Bob Mould at Maxwell's (04-30-1989)


On April 30, 1989, Bob Mould played his first ever post-Husker Du solo gig at Maxwell's. Wow! He enlisted a backing band of some of the area's finest, including Anton Fier on drums, Chris Stamey on guitar, and Tony Maimone on bass. Bob Mould had just released his debut solo album, "Workbook," and would spend the remainder of 1989 touring the United States. He even made his way back to Maxwell's in December of that year!

Bob Mould was very fond of Maxwell's, as his various projects played countless gigs there over the course of 30+ years.  When Maxwell's closed in 2013, he remarked to Vulture magazine:

Maxwell's is sort of my CBGB. For R.E.M., the Feelies, the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, all the bands of that era — that was our room. Bear in mind, I never played CBGB. In early ’85, I called up and tried to get a gig there. They were like, "Never heard of you." Really? You didn't hear Zen Arcade or New Day Rising? Maybe you should go read The Village Voice or something.

Set list:

  1. Sunspots
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Compositions
  4. For The Young And Old
  5. Heartbreak
  6. A Stranger Dreaming,
  7. I Am If You're True
  8. Poison Years
  9. Sinners And Their Repentances
  10. Lonely Afternoon
  11. Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
  12. See A Little Light
  13. Whichever Way The Wind Blows
  14. All Those People Know
  15. Glory
  16. Shoot Out The Lights
  17. Makes No Sense At All
  18. Celebrated Summer
  19. Hardly Getting Over It