Sonic Youth at Irving Plaza (06-09-1998)


On June 9th, 1998, Sonic Youth played 2nd of a 3 night run at Irving Plaza in support of their 1998 album, "A Thousand Leaves."  The band's setlist consists mostly of songs from this new release, but also features two songs from their "SYR" series, "Anagrama," and "Stil," which they performed during their encore.  For the balance of their encore, they performed "Shadow of a Doubt," and "Death Valley '69," from their classics "E.V.O.L.," and "Bad Moon Rising!"



  1. Karen Koltrane
  2. Female Mechanic Now on Duty
  3. Sunday
  4. Anagrama
  5. Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)
  6. The Ineffable Me
  7. Hoarfrost
  8. French Tickler
  9. Wildflower Soul
  10. Heather Angel


  1. Stil
  2. Shadow of a Doubt
  3. Death Valley '69