Hüsker Dü at Maxwell's (06-23-1984)


On June 23, 1984 Hüsker Dü played at Maxwell's! Fans of Zen Arcade and Metal Circus will be pleased with the setlist at this gig, as the band played lots of classics from those two records, including "It's Not Funny Anymore," "What's Going On?," "Broken Home, Broken Heart," and "Diane." Maxwell's regulars/legends Darren Viola and Guy Ewald also conducted an interview after the gig, portions of which are available on Youtube.  Ewald remembered the interview in 2013:

"I remember it pretty well in spite of being totally drunk. I don't know how I met the Bang! guy... he probably hung out at Maxwell's and knew my name from my short misadventure writing for The Rocker (at Glenn Morrow's urging). He asked me if I could interview Hüsker Dü at their upcoming Maxwell's gig and I agreed. It didn't occur to me to prepare any questions, I figured I talked with musicians all the time so it would come naturally. He was supposed to come over in the early evening with his tape recorder, but he didn't show up so I figured I was off the hook and proceeded to have a blast, going nuts during Hüsker's set, deejaying, swilling beer and toasting shots of tequila or whatever.
"Right before 3:00AM closing Mr. Bang showed up and gave me the tape recorder and... me du husker interview.
"As often as not [club owner] Steve [Fallon] used to like to hang out after hours so it wasn't unusual for some workers and an inner circle to be there till dawn and beyond. We were sitting at the little bar in the back room, and like I say, I was really drunk. I asked a couple of stupid questions and then my friend Darren came to my rescue and started asking them about professional wrestling. I don't know how he knew they were fans, but he was knowledgeable too.
"That interview was basically conducted by Darren. He and his wife were the most dependable regular customers at Maxwell's back then. All I did was giggle in the background like a fucking idiot. I was really embarrassed by it and never really listened to it after spot-checking the tape on the Sunday after. I remember Mr. Bang told me the interview was 'weird, but interesting.' I was never asked to do another one."

Set list:

  1. Something I Learned Today
  2. It's Not Funny Anymore
  3. From the Gut
  4. Wheels
  5. Everything Falls Apart
  6. Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill
  7. I Apologize
  8. Books About UFOs
  9. If I Told You
  10. What's Going On?
  11. Broken Home, Broken Heart
  12. Diane
  13. Sunshine Superman (Donovan Cover)
  14. In a Free Land
  15. Statues
  16. Eight Miles High (The Byrds Cover)